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16 km of Thessaloniki - Kilkis
P.O. box 86 P.C. 57200
Tel1: +30 23940 31004
Tel2: +30 23940 31114
Fax: +30 23940 32168

Company Profile

For almost 30 years our company has consistently offered its services in the sector of furniture, while having the outmost respect to the clients who purchase our products.

Our long experience in furniture, along with our state-of-the-art equipment, our consistency, our competitive prices and the complex design structures, which we are able to carry through, have ranked us among the highest positions in the sector of curved components in the Greek market, as well as in the Balkan market.

However, what makes us feel really proud is the love and devotion we share for our work and the nature of the objects we produce.

For us, curved components are not just another product made for profit; they are a source of challenge, constant study and application, with the sole aim to reach perfection.