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16 km of Thessaloniki - Kilkis
P.O. box 86 P.C. 57200
Tel1: +30 23940 31004
Tel2: +30 23940 31114
Fax: +30 23940 32168


Our company occupies 2 buildings with a total area of 4000m2.

The first building is used as a storage area for the raw materials and upholstery complex where the first processing stage takes place.

The second area is where the main production takes place, i.e. curving and finishing.

The curving process is done by 8 presses and 4 high frequency generators.

Using the optimal pressure values depending on the wood’s morphology, the right cooling methods in the moulds as well as various little secrets, we succeed in delivering products that could easily be defined as “clones”.

Apart from curving, however, we are also engaged in the perfection of the finishing. This elaborate task is carried out by our five-axis cnc machine that allows us to cut with millimetre accuracy and also to wire components that even the most experienced technicians would not be able to. The enormous dimensions of this machine offer us a great advantage. There are no limitations.

Apart from curving, our company owns a unit with a membrane press that enables us to offer a broader customer service regarding special furniture components.